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About D. Keith Spurlock

I got my first camera when I was six years old and have had a lifetime love of photography from landscapes and wildlife on my annual family vacations to freelancing through high school with many portraits, football games, homecoming queens and the marching band. I shot my first wedding during my senior year. I love photographing people, families, weddings, special events, pets, wildlife, mountains and sunsets, especially the beautiful sunsets in Key West where I spent my early childhood and got my first camera! The scope of my experience has covered model composites/portfolios, family portraits, weddings, bar-mitzvahs, commercial ads in magazines and brochures, musical groups, drama/plays, jewelry and interior designs photos. As the owner of a computer/IT business, I have years of experience in digital creations, web designs and video editing as well.

I started out with film and had my own darkroom where I developed and printed many of my own prints. I worked in a film/printing lab in Miami and was mentored by many of the best professional photographers.

The cameras I've used range from the Nikon F2 and F3 35mm SLRs as well as the Bronica 645 and Hasselblad medium format cameras. I have also used a 4"x5" large format camera that I took black and white landscapes with. I have transitioned over to the digital age and currently use a Nikon D810.

Whether you're looking for a photographer or looking for a photo to decorate your home or office, I will add my personal touch to make sure you love the photos of your event for lasting memories.

You can contact me here and on my Facebook and Instagram pages and  please  like and follow me! 

Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to sharing my work with you.                                      

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