My Story

As a young child, I was fascinated with my father's 35mm camera, so at the age of six, I received my first camera for my birthday!

My dad was a teacher and my parents loved to travel, so started a childhood journey of summer vacations by car all over the USA, Canada and Mexico, taking photos everywhere we went! In high school I started a freelance photography business and started taking photos of my classmates. My parents gave me my first professional camera, a Nikon F2 for Christmas and I started expanding my business to include family photos, models, football games and eventually I shot my first wedding in 12th grade!

I worked my way through college with photography growing into studio work, advertising, weddings and bar mitzvahs. I met many professional photographers who liked and critiqued my work. Some of them invited me to work with them and mentored me. My camera was my door to the world because . . . I was born with a profound hearing loss and my camera helped me overcome a lot of my difficulties and shyness.

I believe that God provided a miracle that helped me overcome my hearing loss and has enabled me to see things that others may overlook. He gave me a gift to hear through my eyes . . . and now I want to help others with disabilities to reach their dreams too!

I am Keith Spurlock  and I am a hearing-impaired photographer.  Let me hear things that you can’t see!

You can contact me through Facebook or Instagram.

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